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10 Amazing Israeli Start-ups You’ve Never Heard of, But Will Soon

NEW YORK (The Street) — So much has been said about Israel as a hub of innovation there is no reason to bore you with the statistics about how the country is the size of New Jersey and has more tech than almost any other place on earth.

Yet there is something really interesting happening that not many people have spoken about. Let’s call it a “transition from start-up nation to unicorn nation.”

Unicorns, or $1 billion start-ups, like MobileEye, Waze, Wix, Taboola, Outbrain, and so many others originate in this small country and that it’s something worth paying attention to.

There are enough companies in Israel that are getting their fair share of love from the press — companies like Meerkat, Yo, Moovit, and others — but what about the next generation of unicorns, still in their infancy?

Some of these little guys, if statistics are of any significance, are likely to become the next <Insert your favorite unicorn here/>.

So here are ten companies that you most likely never heard of, but surely will in the near future (and not only because you are reading this post).


I originally found out about this company through its investors, venture-capital fund Aleph (which also invested in Meerkat, which has since become the fund’s claim to fame.) Of course, the freight market will never be as sexy as some other consumer spaces — unless of course you look at the numbers.

It’s a tremendous untapped market. Some 20% of e-commerce purchases are cross-border but no site can support global shipping for oversized bulk or business-to-business capacity shipping.

As far as consumers are concerned, think about the ability to seamlessly buy and ship larger items such as a dining room table on eBay (EBAY). This could easily become the next old-school market to be disrupted and this company leads the way.

The start-up is working with some of the world’s largest freight forwarders and over 50,000 automated freight quotes were generated online with Freightos in 2014

freightos pic

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