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Emefcy Group Announces Memorandum of Understanding with Demonstration Facility at Stanford U to Test & Evaluate MABR Technology  

Melbourne, Australia and Caesarea, Israel: Emefcy Group Limited (ASX: EMC) (“Emefcy”) is pleased to announce the planned deployment of the first Emefcy MABR system in California.  This is the result of a memorandum of understanding with Stanford University’s Codiga Resource Recovery Center (CR2C), to test and evaluate Emefcy’s MABR product.  CR2C is a  first-of-its-kind pilot-scale testing facility, using a novel core infrastructure and test beds for flexible analysis of mobile treatment systems fed multiple grades of water. CR2C aims to usher in a new era of sustainable resource recovery technologies that generate revenue by recovering freshwater from wastewater, fertilizer from nutrient-rich waste streams and energy and valuable biomaterials from waste organic matter.

Although specific terms of the testing program at CR2C remain to be developed, Emefcy’s MABR system is anticipated to operate onsite at CR2C for an initial three month period during which CR2C will conduct independent evaluations of MABR’s energy efficiency and treated-water quality, including industry-standard metrics. CR2C will publish its findings in venues available to the public and prospective customers of the technology.

“Having commissioned Emefcy MABR-based plants in China, the US Virgin Islands and Israel, we are pleased to partner with CR2C to bring local proof of performance, and pursue local validation, in the strategically important California market,” said Robert Wale, Board member of Emefcy. “I have spoken with several prominent local potential customers who have expressed strong interest to view the demo plant’s progress as a key step towards purchasing Emefcy’s MABR technology.”

“We are excited to work with Emefcy toward our shared mission of recovering valuable resources from waste streams, and, more specifically, to test Emefcy technologies developed for their potential to recover clean water from wastewater,” said Sebastien Tilmans, Director of Operations for CR2C.

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