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Israeli beer analytics startup Weissbeerger raises $4m

By placing sensors on beer taps, Weissbeerger’s system tracks real time drink consumption at bars and breweries.

Weissbeerger beer

Israeli beverage startup Weissbeerger has raised $4 million from ICV, Innovation Endeavors, and entrepreneur Gigi Levy. Weissbeerger is a unique startup in the alcoholic beverage sector, which has developed a system called Beverage Analytic, used by bars and breweries.

The system provides real time consumption data using sensors attached to the beer taps. According to CEO Omer Agiv, “The new round of funding was an important step in our way to building our platform. The technology we’re developing will soon be implemented in breweries and used by beverage companies.”

Weissbeerger’s system compiles reports that lead to increased consumption in the bars where it is installed, while lowering costs. The company provides its customers an application which offers a simple, visual representation of real time data, like the amount of a specific type of beer consumed at a specific hour.

Weissbeerger’s sensors are installed on the taps and are connected to the cloud. The data allows the pub owners to know the real time consumption in their establishment. The figures also allow for in-depth analysis that has never been available in the beverage industry easily informing owners about stolen drinks.

The system can tell the bar owner how many drinks were served for free, allowing him to know exactly how many beers the bartenders drank on the house. The data can also serve marketers by recording the temperature of the beer at the time it was poured; the wrong temperature can damage the flavor of the beer and explain to marketers why clients at certain bars drink a competitor’s brand.

Weissbeerger was founded by two entrepreneurs, Ori Fingerer and Omer Agiv, five years ago. Today it has 25 employees and its primary clients are the breweries.

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