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Next Generation Energy Management Application Unveiled by Panoramic Power

Panoramic Power has expanded the capabilities of the company’s market leading energy management web application. PowerRadar™ software, coupled with the company’s unique self-powered, wireless sensors, addresses the need for granular energy data, resolving some of the biggest challenges faced by energy and facility executives today. Gathering and analyzing energy data and breaking down the traditional disparate approach to energy and operational efficiency, the solution provides proactive, device-level actionable energy insights. The software is able to detect inefficiencies and provide in advance fault-detection using analytic algorithms that are based on building and system level KPIs.

The PowerRadar software is also available as a mobile application, providing energy and facility managers the ability to access and enter data on-the-fly from any IOS or Android device. Users are able to get real-time insights and inefficiencies about their energy usage, receive actionable alerts, drill down to historical data to the device level and benchmark their normalized data to derive actions for better results.

“The PowerRadar application by Panoramic Power marks the next step in the evolution of our technology platform,” said Yaniv Vardi, CEO at Panoramic Power. “PowerRadar software’s state-of-the-art data intelligence delivers a deep analysis of energy consumption, unleashing previously unseen energy savings and operational opportunities across entire building portfolios. The software also helps businesses define, measure and meet their energy goals.”

PowerRadar Software creates a more powerful energy management solution: Data normalization by weather and other site specific parameters to compare efficiencies and spending between sites and systems; Provides users the ability to define their individual normalization factors and target lines across the organization; The Panoramic Power Index allows customers to set, track and report on specific energy efficiency goals; Simple integration with third party applications such as Building Automation systems (BAS) and billing systems; and Provides users with a mobile platform for more visibility and easy access to energy data.

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