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Panoramic Power and Lucid Partner to Bring Wireless, Circuit-Level Electricity Monitoring Solutions to Buildingos

Panoramic Power and Lucid have announced a wireless energy monitoring solution that can be installed in minutes and works out of the box with Lucid’s BuildingOS platform. The joint offering combines Panoramic Power’s miniature, self-powered sensors with Lucid’s energy management software for easily monitoring energy consumption at the individual circuit level in real time.

“As a leading provider of device-level technology, our solution gives customers a fast and easy way to accurately monitor all of their electrical loads on the asset level,” said Panoramic Power CEO, Yaniv Vardi. “Lucid’s unique approach to connecting hardware and software technologies with BuildingOS enables us to offer a truly differentiating solution that is scalable and cost effective.”

Companies today are continuously seeking affordable solutions that provide easily accessible energy data to help reduce operational costs. By integrating the granular data provided by Panoramic Power technology into Lucid’s BuildingOS, the two companies are maximizing ease of installation and generating actionable insights and analytics for building managers.

“Panoramic Power’s revolutionary technology allows our customers to install and map hundreds of sensors without disruption to their business within a couple of hours, providing immediate value with real-time device-level data,” said Vladi Shunturov, CEO of Lucid.

Lucid’s ConnectNow™ integration technology delivers instant connectivity for a growing number of meters, systems, and devices. With just a few clicks, you can connect a meter or sensor with BuildingOS. The platform connects with over 160 metering and building systems, including building automation, submeters, lighting and plug load controls, on-site generation, demand response, as well as electric and gas utilities.

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