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Panoramic Power Introduces Machine Learning Technology with the Release of PowerRadar Device Analyzer

May 18, 2016, 08:00 ET from Panoramic Power
NEW YORK, May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

Device Analyzer Applies Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities to Extract the Operational State of Monitored Devices in Real-Time

Panoramic Power, a leading provider of device-level energy management solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Device Analyzer, an innovative data-science approach to energy management that generates actionable energy and operational efficiency insights.

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Device Analyzer provides users with greater visibility into the operational state of each of their monitored devices. Device Analyzer learns usage patterns for any device such as lighting, HVAC and production lines and with pre-defined algorithms per device-type, allows users to see the device’s operational state in real-time. It understands and monitors device sequencing, detects anomalies and automatically generates operational insights. Device Analyzer shifts the user interaction from a focus only on energy consumption, to an operational one – delivering significant value to improve operations, productivity and facility performance.

“Marking the effective integration of machine learning technology and data science, Device Analyzer introduces breakthrough architectural innovations that support process optimization across the PowerRadarâ„¢ software platform,” said Yaniv Vardi, CEO of Panoramic Power. “We are excited about our innovative technology that will change the conversation of energy data across the industry. Energy data can be complicated; it is not intuitive and often requires manual resources to analyze and extract insights. Device Analyzer simplifies this process and condenses energy data and transforms it into intuitive operational insights.”

The introduction of Device Analyzer represents a shift in the way energy data is used for facility and operational professionals. The first implementation of Device Analyzer is manifested in PowerRadar Version 2.0, where the system collects device level energy data, automatically learns device patterns and after a short training period automatically identifies the different operational states of each device.

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