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Rootella™ Mycorrhizal Inoculants Listed for Use in Organic Farming

Groundwork BioAg, Ltd. is pleased to announce that its Rootella™ series of mycorrhizal inoculants has been allowed for use as inputs in organic agriculture, by both OMRI and Ecocert certification agencies.

Organics Material Review Institute (OMRI) has reviewed Rootella G™ (OMRI code: gba-8888), Rootella P™ (OMRI code: gba-8889), Rootella S™ (OMRI code: gba-8890) and Rootella WP™ (OMRI code: gba-8891) and has determined that they are allowed for use as microbial inoculants (Class: Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments). Rootella™ products are listed in the OMRI Products List, indicating that they comply with the OMRI Policy and Standards Manual, which is based on the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) Regulations (7 CFR Part 205).

Similarly, Ecocert has also reviewed and certified Rootella G™, Rootella P™, Rootella S™, Rootella F™ and Rootella WP™ as suitable in organic farming according to EC 834/2007 (European) and NOP (USA) regulations. Rootella™ products are listed on Ecocert’s website under product ID 1268.

Danny Levy, Groundwork BioAg’s VP Research and Development explained, “Rootella™ inoculants, based on naturally-occurring mycorrhizal fungi, improve plant nutrient uptake. 90% of all vascular plant species thrive in nature with the help of mycorrhizae. However, modern cultivation techniques, including most organic farming, significantly deplete mycorrhizae in agricultural soils, reducing crop yields and resilience to stress. Rootella™ helps both organic and conventional farmers restore the natural mycorrhizal balance in their soils”.

Dan Grotsky, Groundwork BioAg’s VP Sales and Marketing, added, “Organic certification is an important achievement and milestone for our company. These listings will accelerate Groundwork BioAg’s penetration into the rapidly-growing organic markets in the US and Europe.”

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Groundwork BioAg, Ltd produces cost-effective mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture.  Natural mycorrhizal fungi improve soil nutrient uptake in 90% of all plant species.  When applied to agriculture, mycorrhizal inoculants increase crop yields, especially under stress conditions.  Growers can also reduce fertilizer application rates, notably phosphorus.  Groundwork BioAg’s uniquely vigorous and highly concentrated Rootella™ products have demonstrated impressive field trial results in several major crops, such as corn, soybean, tomato, pepper, onion and potato.  Rootella™ inoculants are currently registered and sold in several territories, including the US.


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