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Vayyar Releases SDK for its 3D Sensing Technology

Vayyar Imaging has started shipping the Software Development Kit (SDK) for its consumer product, Walabot. Walabot is an advanced 3D sensor technology that makes it possible to see through objects and materials, and can be programmed to create various applications. Utilizing powerful 3D imaging and sensing technology, it can uncover things hidden within the world by simply attaching to the back of one’s smartphone. Developers who use this SDK can access four powerful APIs, which will give them the ability to track targets, see through walls, and monitor breathing, along with out-putting raw sensor data. Applications created with the SDK can be used across Windows and Android-based platforms.

Vayyar pic-Walabot

3D Imaging sensor technology is very powerful. Walabot puts this technology in the hands of developers who can now use these poweful APIs to create interesting and innovative products. This SDK program is designed to work in close collaboration with developers and makers by soliciting feedback and providing support throughout the process. Vayyar is looking to get feedback, suggestions, and even bug reports as they continue to support the evolving Walabot community.

Walabot’s sensors uncover things hidden within the world through powerful 3D imaging and sensing technology. This powerful, pocket-sized device provides cutting-edge Radio Frequency (RF) technology for 3D sensing and image processing, which enables developers to create sophisticated applications. Compatible with select Android devices, its sensor magnetically connect to the back of one’s smartphone and can see through known barriers such as walls, cement and other materials, or monitor breathing and detect falling to create a Smart Home, and much more.

Content from the SDK program will be available when Walabot ships globally this summer and will feature applications for Smart Home, robotics, health monitoring, 3D imaging and more.

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