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Walabot – See The World Like Never Before  

Vayyar Imaging Launches Globally; Announces $22M Series B Funding

Breakthrough 3D imaging sensor technology leader will leverage new funding to scale its enterprise offering Vayyar, the breakthrough 3D imaging sensor company whose technology makes it possible to see through objects Vayyar ...

This New 3D Sensor Can Help Detect Breast Cancer Or See Through Walls

Touted as having the ability to see through walls, Vayyar’s new 3D sensors can see through just about anything, including body tissue and organs. The company’s low power sensors can see through skin and tissue to detect breast or ...

CES: New scanning tech could appeal to doctors and do-it-yourselfers

I’ve seen a lot of cool things thus far at the CES show here, but among the most amazing was some technology I saw demonstrated by a small startup at a tiny booth in the back of the north hall of the convention center ...

The DeanBeat: The 10 best technologies of the Consumer Electronics Show

I’ve returned from the biggest battleground of tech, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. My Intel Basis Peak smartwatch told me that, over four days at CES, I walked 73,376 steps. or 18,344 per day. Those steps felt heavier ...

Walabot Wed – Mind Boggling Technology

Vayyar’s Walabot Will Transform 3D Technology As We Know It

Vayyar, a 3D imaging sensor company – with technology making it possible to see through objects, liquids and materials – announced the launch of Walabot last week, a consumer version of its 3D imaging system. Walabot’s powerful ...

With Walabot, Your Phone Can “See” Through Walls And Pan For Gold

This new open-source consumer chip can help you "see" through walls or measure your breathing. In the first demo, Raviv Melamed, CEO and cofounder of Vayyar and Walabot, uses the camera on his phone to see through our conference room ...

Walabot Wed – API Sample Demo Apps

Vayyar Releases SDK for its 3D Sensing Technology

Vayyar Imaging has started shipping the Software Development Kit (SDK) for its consumer product, Walabot. Walabot is an advanced 3D sensor technology that makes it possible to see through objects and materials, and can be programmed to ...

Pitch Perfect: Vayyar Named Winner of Startup Fast Pitch Contest during CTA’s 20th Annual CEO Summit

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ announced that Vayyar, a 3D imaging sensor startup based in Israel, was selected as winner of today’s Fast Pitch Contest, which took place as part of CTA’s 20th annual CEO Summit in Tel ...

How One Little Sensor Will Make Your Life Better

Sensors are in your future, from cancer detection to self-driving cars, and Israel’s Vayyar hopes to have a hand in many of them. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="556"] Vayyar sensors provide a 3D map of people in a room ...

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